Welcome to home.g-net.net!

This page has been built to help you access your space on the internet that g:NET customers recieve when they sign up for service.

If you have not activiated your space yet, please contact postmaster@g-net.net .

How to access your web space:

Use an ftp program to open home.g-net.net using your username and password for your account.

Enter the 'public_html' folder on the server. This is where your files should be for them to be viewable on the web.

To serve a webpage:

Create a text file and name it index.html. Put whatever text or html in it. Save it and ftp that file to the site.

To link to files:

To link to pictures or files in such places as E-bay, use the following::


How to see your site on the web:

Point a browser to: