Check dates for observing sessions and alternate dates if applicable. All participants please try to arrive before dark. Please practice proper "Star Party" etiquette by approaching the site with minimum lights.



From Savannah:

Oliver, GA is about 50 miles from downtown Savannah. Abide by the speed limits as the route that leads to Oliver passes through several small towns needing extra revenue.

There are several ways to get to Oliver, GA, but this is the easiest way to get there from Savannah.

From Savannah travel west thru Boomingdale on Hwy 80 to Faulkville. (You may also travel to Bloomingdale via I-16 and then take the Bloomingdale exit to Bloomingdale and Hwy 80.)

From Faulkville, take GA Highway 17 North (THIS IS NOT US 17) to Oliver, Georgia.

Pass straight through Oliver.

There is a flashing light at the intersection of Hwy 17 and Hwy 24 in Oliver. Stay straight on Hwy 17.

About 1/8 to 1/4 mile after the intersection you will cross over the Ogeechee Creek bridge.

Turn Left at the first road (this will be a dirt road) immediately after the creek. (On the right hand side of Hwy 17 you will see a billboard which says something about a tree farm. This is the person's tree farm where we will be observing).

When you turn onto the dirt road, you will immediately cross over some railroad tracks and pass through a metal pole gate, which should be open.

Follow the dirt road around past the caretaker's house towards the right.

Go about 200 yards until you hit a tree line (oaks) on the left.

Hopefully there will be markers guiding you to the observing site. Follow the dirt road down past the tree line around the left. This ends at the field where we will set-up.

From Statesboro:

Take Hwy 24 from Statesboro to Oliver.

Turn left on Hwy 17 in Oliver.

From this point the directions are the same as above.

Someone will arrive early and put up some markings to help folks find the way. It is recommended that you try and arrive before sundown as the site is easier to find with some light, however if you get lost on the tree farm, stop at one of the houses and tell them you are there for the observing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the OAA officers for directions.

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DIRECTIONS TO OLIVER, GA OBSERVING SITE / Andy Blackburn / / Updated November 1, 2010